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About Us

Companies, which focus on keeping their monetary returns high and not on making customers get quality products never succeed. And companies, which focus on making customers obtain the best quality and keep monetary gains as their second priority always succeed. Our company is famous by the name of Divyaveda Pharmacy, which falls under the category of latter companies.

Right from the inception in 2016, we are giving priority to producing quality best Herbal, Cosmetics and Food SupplementAnardana Goli, Hing Goli, Pilescare Churan, Trifla Churan and related items. Quality and effective are two best factors that have been maintaining our strong position in the Indian marketplace. By valuing quality at every level of production and packaging, we have made our name come in the list of top manufacturers and suppliers that majorly uses herbal products for production of health bettering products.

International Presence

Succeeding in national market is difficult and there's no denying in this. But what's more difficult is gaining a sure foothold in the international market. We, at Divyaveda Pharmacy, have succeed in the national market and gained a sure foothold at an international level by giving value for quality production of products. We are providing our collection of Ayurvedic Churna and Digestive Goli in not only Indian markets but also international markets. In countries like USA & Canada, our range is popular because of its effectiveness. Our range performs its function on time and gives worthy returns to users.

Our Brand

We understand that in today's time what customers see while buying products is quality. So, we, as a part of our expansion plan, are serving our complete assortment under the name of Divyaveda, which is also our company's name. Across the world, we are making this brand name famous by serving highly effective products under this name.

Reasons To Partner With Us
  • We are using hi-tech processing machines produce Goli and Churna in a variety of flavors and active ingredients.
  • We make our optimum quality assortment reach on time to customers in a safe manner.
  • We price every item in our portfolio on reasonable basis so that our customers can have hands on not only quality but also cost-effective products.